Snotgirl: California Screaming

snotgirl california screaming.png


In this second volume of O’Malley and Hung’s project, our favorite green-haired protagonist finds out Coolgirl’s real name, but the rest of Caroline’s is shrouded in mystery. While Lottie toes her way through her new best friend’s strange antics, Snotgirl’s ex-boyfriend Sunny Day struggles with his new girl Charlene, who is slowly awakening from a coma. With questions floating and secrets straining, the Haters Brunch may not survive their annual trip to Thankstravaganza in one piece.


Where Green Hair Don’t Care failed, California Screaming soared. With spectacular artwork and coloring, hilarious turns of events, and even more mystery than the first volume, this sequel intrigued me and kept my interest from the start. I found myself sympathizing with Charlene, who Lottie demonized in Vol. 1, which surprised me. Even Meg (Normgirl) and Misty (Cutegirl) are fleshed out, with the latter given a surprising backstory and the former admitting a flaw in her perfect-seeming life. As a whole, this volume both surprised and impressed me with its improvement of skill and talent from the first volume to now.

Conclusion: 5/5

While I gave a less favorable review for Green Hair Don’t Care, it’s worth a read to reach California Screaming.  I mark this book a PLEASE READ and hope you’ll pick it up.

Author: Anne Pyle

I am a novelist, poet, and editor from the East Texas area who loves to hear all things book.

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