Snotgirl: Green Hair Don’t Care

snotgirl green hair don't care.jpgSummary:

“Snotgirl” is the self-given misnomer of Lottie Person, a fashion blogger extraordinaire who struggles to keep her allergies and friendships in check. In this volume, Lottie meets someone new, interesting, mysterious…and dangerous. As time goes on, this “Coolgirl” proves to be more than Lottie can handle while our green-haired protagonist’s life spins out of control. Who is Lottie’s copycat? What’s going on with friend Normgirl’s boyfriend? And what really happened in that bar bathroom? Only time (and readers) will tell in this 5-chapter collection.


This volume stands out from some of my reads due to the inner thoughts of the protagonist throughout the novel. Lottie isn’t a relaxed, level-headed MC: she jumps to conclusions, freaks out over nothing, and reacts over-the-top to everyone’s behaviors. Her inner dialogue proves amusing and at times off-putting, but it makes the reading experience overall more original.

Despite this enjoyable characterization, I felt the work as a whole lacked polish. The characters’ designs fluctuate after every chapter, which can be expected since they are individually released, but within the volume it added up to a lack of cohesiveness. In addition, some characters acted unrealistically for the context, and the “over the top” attitude of Lottie’s thoughts ran over into others’ actions, meaning for an exaggerated read that pulled me out of the story at times.

Conclusion: 4/5

While this book did have its flaws, I still enjoyed the plotline and didn’t hesitate to buy the next volume. I mark this as a CONSIDER READING if you’re a fan of co-writer O’Malley like me and want a taste of something more unconventional of his.

Snotgirl Vol. 2 Review Coming Soon!

Author: Anne Pyle

I am a novelist, poet, and editor from the East Texas area who loves to hear all things book.

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