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Georgie has some knowledge that her work is tearing her family apart, but it isn’t until her husband leaves for the holidays with her daughter that she realizes just how much damage she’s done. Enter a landline with a direct connection to her then-boyfriend in the past. Will these intermittent communications with the past help Georgie regain what she’s missing in her relationship? Or will it all slip through her fingers?


As a married woman, this book resonated strongly with me. The short anecdotes from Georgie and Neal’s dating lives, adorable conversations with past Neal, and relationship between Georgie and her mother all served to create a sweet, enjoyable read that stuffed me with warm fuzzies. However, the novel fell somewhat flat due to its sole focus on the romance and lack of discussion of other issues so typical of Rowell’s work.

Conclusion: 4/5

Despite partly falling flat, I still really enjoyed this book and loved the relationship between Neal and Georgie. I mark this book a PLEASE READ and recommend it for anyone missing their traveling spouse or wanting to read a reigniting relationship story.

Author: Anne Pyle

I am a novelist, poet, and editor from the East Texas area who loves to hear all things book.

One thought on “Landline”

  1. I enjoyed Landline as well, but it took me ages to read. I reached about halfway through and got stuck in a slump because I felt that it definitely ignored a lot of other issues that could be discussed and focused a lot on the romance side of things. But I made myself read the rest and really enjoyed it. It was a nice change to Rowell’s normal work and a nice little book.


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